Masove: Dance Pack

£15.00 £25.00
By Soundle

How many dead presets and samples are currently hiding in your folders? Stop wasting your production time and reach for sounds you can trust. 

Masove has taken the dance world by storm, with 3 tracks in the global top 200 dance charts and over 100 million streams in the first year, it's easy to see how well this music  connects with listeners. Discover and harness his sound using this pack!



  • 82 Samples - 25 Presets 
  • Saxophone Melody loops + One shots
  • Ambience, Impacts, Risers & Transitions
  • Hi-hat and Percussion loops.
  • Kicks, Claps, Crashes, Percussion fills and Snaps


  • 10 Basses
  • 5 Leads
  • 5 Pads
  • 5 Plucks 

 A dance music sensation in the making, Masove is nothing like anything you’ve heard before. Combining deep and more commercial sounds, his songs gained well over 100 million streams within his first year. Including 3 songs in the Spotify Global Dance top 200: "Like a Prayer", “Believe” & “Destination Calabria.” Armed with powerful sax hooks that plunge the listener into a modern twist on nostalgic dance hits, Masove is poised to etch his name as one of the industry's brightest new stars.