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The Best Female Vocal Pack For House Music

Aya Anne is a rising star in the house music scene, represented and signed by Perfect Havoc. A unique vocal tone and her dynamic ability as a singer and writer make for a world-class combination.

What you can find inside the pack...

5 Full acapella toplines

We're changing the game here at Soundle, sick of short unusable loops that offer nothing more than a repeating 8-bar dystopian nightmare. WE WANT MORE! This is exactly what we've done with Aya's pack - 5 full acapella songs and all the trimmings.

Backing Vocals/Harmonies/Adlibs

Not having access to all the layering that makes a vocal stand out is like having nuggets without sauce... we can't let that happen. Inside the pack, you'll find all the backings, adlibs, and harmonies that elevate Aya's vocal to the next level - did we mention that this is already mixed?


You'll think it's Christmas all over again, not only do you get vocals that are mixed by (also signed as a producer to Perfect Havoc) Xoro, you get access to all the dry stems. FULL CREATIVE CONTROL. Ever had the ability to tweak the dry mix on a sample pack vocal? Didn't think so.

4 Productions By Xoro

Xoro has stemmed out 4 incredible productions to help get you started with the vocals. All of these sounds are royalty free to use so... I guess technically this isn't just a vocal pack. What a steal.

Take a listen to our demos below and I hope you realize what a crazy deal this is. Soundle is all about providing value to the producer community, we want to be your answer when vocal samples are the question.

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