We truly believe that our vocal packs are some of the best on the internet and our goal is delivery a product that is rammed with quality, functionality and creativity. 

For far too long producers have wasted precious time on scrolling through oversaturated, quantity driven libraries that yield nothing more than mediocre results. Don't settle for "this will do", reach for vocals that inspire the next big hit!

Soundle works alongside artists, vocalists, songwriters and producers who are already thriving within the music industry at their craft. Meaning the outcome of the creative process is miles ahead of the competition. Our roster is responsible for almost a billion streams globally, so we truly stand by our packs and the value that they provide. 

Our vocal packs are royalty free but out of respect for the creators and artists, please don't tag them in the title of your releases or list them as a feature. This is massively important as It can interrupt an artist release schedule and Spotify pitch. Endangering relationships with labels. 

We're trying to change the way that vocal packs get created and pave the way for creators to get paid. 


June 23, 2023 — James Oliver