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About Soundle

Artists For Artists

Soundle was founded for like-minded artists, a group of creators dedicated to building an innovative future that directly supports music makers.

At Soundle, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be furthering the career of the artist behind the sounds. Funding music videos, photoshoots, releases - all of these essential things that elevate artistry and brand image cost money, sadly the type of income that streaming services cannot provide.

Did you know, if you purchase a pack from Soundle for £29.99, this is the equivalent of streaming that artists song almost 8000 times. It's crazy to believe that you can have 1 million monthly listeners and still be struggling financially. 


Soundle was created to alleviate this exact problem. We believe in artists that are trendsetters, not afraid to push boundaries and have an infectious creative energy that can be heard through their music and now samples that they create. 

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